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MarshBerry's 2020 Insurance Brokerage Compensation Study

Since most firms allocate nearly two-thirds of their revenue to compensation costs, it is extremely important to take a look at what insurance agencies and brokerages are paying their sales, service, support and executive personnel.

To provide insight to firms, MarshBerry conducts a biennial Insurance Brokerage Compensation Study to determine how salaries, commissions, bonuses and employee benefit levels in agencies have changed.

This report is one of a kind in the industry.

Study Key Take Aways

The 2020 Compensation Study presents the aggregate responses provided by more than 300 insurance firms that participated in the study, as well as relevant data sets from the MarshBerry proprietary financial management system Perspectives for High Performance (PHP).

The Study offers compensation insight and trends for the following:

  • Executive & Management Staff
  • Production Staff
  • Service Staff
  • Support Staff
  • Key trends in employee benefits

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